Dear friends! We would like to introduce a little miracle - our music box. There is a whole world inside of it, which is full of different tunes. Undoubtedly they will touch your soul and take your breath away. 
There are lots of music boxes. You can find a tiny, matchbox sized one, which plays only one tune. At the same time there are antique masterpieces, which cost like a new car.

Let us show you what is so unique about our boxes. 

Firstly, our music boxes have a mechanism inside, which can reproduce a range of 30 notes. It helps it to play more complicated tunes, even those with accompaniment! In comparison, the range in common souvenier boxes is about 7 notes. 

Secondly, the storage does not limit itself to one tune, carved on a metall cylinder inside. Our music box can read music from the paper! You have a possibility to prepare the notes and enjoy the proccess! 

Thirdly, each music box is a handmade work. All of our boxes are painted by a young talented artist. Each box is a unique work of art. It is an excellent and unexpected present for anyone. 


Place a specially prepared note sheet in a cut on the front panel. Tunes will arise inside the box as soon as you start winding the handle. 

A complete set consists of: 
1 x Music box 
1 x Hole punch 
15 x Music templets (12 of them are ready-made tunes with special marks showing where to make holes, and 3 - blank sheets for your own compositions). As an extra service we can make an exclusive tune especially for you. 

Size: 160*90*60 

We can send our music boxes anywhere on the globe, and if you are in Moscow, we can meet in person. If you have any questions, please contact us in social networks or via e-mail.


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