In the previous topic we talked about how to record an acoustic instrument on the cello's example. But sometimes it can be difficult to do at home. For example: you need to record drums. You should have a lot of microphones, sound card with many physical input channels, good computer for recording without any delays and of course patient neighbors ;) But today we have an opportunity to record sound of instrument, even if we don't have it. And software instruments can help us to reach this goal. One thing that you need in this case is a midi keyboard.

I will use “Korg kontrol49” to show you how to record midi. It's a powerful workstation with a lot of functions and presets for all famous DWS. It has 49 note, full-size velocity sensitive 4 octave keyboard and 16 pads. The work on it is really comfortable and just one thing that you need to start working is plugging in to usb of your computer. It will be recognized automatically in you program If it didn't happen, install the latest driver from the official web site.


   Let's start doing music!:)

I have prepared a session of my song with a few instruments: Guitar, Bass, Trombone and Cello.



But I need to add flute to this MIX,  because i would like to have a dialog between cello and flute in the centre of song :)

The flute will play this:

And the cello will answer:



So, I need to add 1 new midi track - select software instrument. After that on the right part of your screen you will see a huge list of instruments. You can choose any of them. I`ve selected one from the orchestra group - flute. Now, if you press a note on your midi keyboard you will hear a sound from you speaker. It's not necessary to turn it off, because unlike of the microphone recording - midi keyboard sends only digital commands to computer and doesn't record the sound in your room. You can sing during the record if you like :)

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You should select this track for recording, choose the place where will be the "start" and start the record. It's green line above the trucks. You can change the placement and the length of it by sliding your mouse. Turn on the click in you session. Be sure that the session has right temp. Set advanced settings of recording if you need.

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Now we have the flute track. But I'm not sure that I have received that I wanted. We can see that some notes are not in time. We need to correct the place of them in the grid of midi redactor. You can move note in redactor by your mouse, but it can be difficult if we have a lot of sounds. The LOGIC can try to correct it automatically - you just need to set the parameters of quantize.

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After that press "q" on your keyboard or select quantize in menu.

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Let's try to listen that we have recorded.


Not bad ;) If we need we can correct the velocity, sustain line or other parameters in your midi track there. But it's not necessary now.

Let's listen to the mix.


Of course, we can't refuse of recording live instruments, because midi has narrow spectra of emotions. But sometimes it's one possible thing to record the instrument that you need. So, if you have not difficult score of 1 of not lead instrument in MIX - midi is a good way to have this.


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