On the previous topic we talked about how to record MIDI in your MIX on the example of flute. We have received dialog between two instruments: cello and flute in the middle of song.

When we talk with somebody in real life - we usually do it by turn, and not together at once. Because we should listen to the partner and keep silent when he speaks. After that you change - you answer his question and he keeps silent at this moment. Only in this case of mutual respect there will be a good dialog. There is a common situation in music, when new instrument begins to play or one has solo - another should play more quite. 

We have a dialog in our song, but at this moment trombone does not want to listen to his partners ;) He continues playing so loud, that we do not clearly understand what other instruments want to say.

Let's try to correct this.

Press "A" on you keyboard and LOGIC will display track automation. Track automation data is displayed on a transparent gray shaded area. You can choose the parameter that you want to view and edit in the Automation Parameter menu. This appears below track names in the Arrange track list. 

We need to select "volume" and at the moment when cello and flute have dialog, make a slight decrease of green line on the trombone track.

You can do it by setting 4 point on this truck: first and lust will fix default volume of trombone speech, and two other points in the middle will fix the volume during the dialog, when he should play not so loud.

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On the other way, you can do it in real time during the moment of playing by fader on MIXER board. 

As you can see at the start automation is off.

"Reed automation" tells the program to play back all the automations, that have been recorded on track.

"Touch automation" allows making changes on the fly. In this case, volume will be controlled by fader during the moment of playing. And it will automatically return to default volume parameter when you stop moving fader.

It will not happen if you select "launch automation". The volume will be continuing at the parameter of last change unless the song finishes.

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Let's try to listen:


Ok, not bad. But we can hear that these two instruments are playing from one point of the space. But I would like to have a dialog, like a dialog between two people, which are sitting in front of each other.

To do this we should select "pan" in the Automation Parameter menu.

I can do it by moving "pan" controller on the track. But I would like the cello and flute to move slightly during the moment of playing - it will make the sense of fly.

So, I need to set the points on the cello truck above zero, and on the flute truck - under.

Let's listen:


And the final MIX:


I think now this dialog looks like the dialog between two people. Music has lots of expressions and you should try to use them! The instruments should not only sing, they should speak too ;)


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